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Contract Management

In today’s ever changing world “in-sourced” professional support can be a great asset to an organization that does not have the expert knowledge or skills as an in-house resource.

The Drager Group provides short to long-term executive and management services in the areas of operations, project management, grant management, training, marketing, Public Relations, and other key corporate functions. We effectively and intelligently augment your internal resources, thereby giving you a professional capability and resource, without adding expensive permanent staff.

We are uniquely qualified to help you:

  • provide immediate, professional, ready to go executive management on-demand
  • provide professional capabilities, fully mobilized, in the “right amount,” without adding expensive permanent staff and overhead
  • add to the productivity of your organization
  • impart “industry-specific” skills
  • ask the hard questions
  • manage potential conflicts in a constructive way
  • offer an external perspective and new insight