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Perception Management

“There are no rats in the water coolers.”

What’s said, what’s implied, what’s inferred, what’s denied. Right or wrong, perceptions are the reality that companies and their Public Relations managers must contend with every day.

There are two components to every message: the rational content and the perceived message. If you don’t manage both, your audience isn’t getting the story you’re trying to communicate.

Perception management is a keystone in the strategic positioning and Public Relations services of The Drager Group. The success and reputation of our company – as well as those of our clients – are built by:

  • determining the critical factors that impact your reputation and market perception
  • clearly defining what differentiates you from the competition
  • developing targeted, compelling messages that support the core values of your company
  • identifying current perceptions and refocusing reality to bring about desired behaviors and measurable results
  • considering how evolving trends in communication impact messages and the ability to manage perceptions effectively
  • communicating to internal audiences the fundamental objectives of your organization to ensure the integrity of your promise to your target audience

Based on the client’s mission, core values, and capabilities Michelle works with our clients to develop positioning messages and strategies to create awareness, build a brand, and manage the perception of the client’s internal and external audiences. Executive coaching and training in message points, media interviews, and speech delivery are paramount to creating a positive, sustainable reputation.